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Undertaking to comply with the requirements of MLC 2006 Convention.

Arriva Shipping Polska has been entered into the register of entities running employment agencies under the number 11189 and always acts in accordance with the requirements of the
MLC 2006 Convention.
  1. Arriva Shipping Polska does not charge sailors any direct or indirect fees connected with the recruitment process.

  2. Arriva Shipping Polska does not employ any persons under 18 years old.

  3. Arriva Shipping Polska does not engage in any activity that may undermine a seafarer's rights to employment or improvement of qualifications, and assures that personal data of all the seafarers remain confidential.

  4. All seafarers are treated equally regardless of their skin colour, religion, sex, social background, etc. The recruitment process is held without discrimination or prejudices.

  5. Arriva Shipping Polska informs seafarers about all potential costs they will be required to pay during the recruitment process or journey to a ship. These costs are reimbursed by a shipowner.

  6. All persons participating in the recruitment must undergo required medical examination that qualify them to perform their duties and must hold a valid health certificate.

  7. All employed seafarers are trained and qualified, and possess all the necessary documents related to a specific post. All submitted certificates and documents are verified to confirm their legality.

  8. Arriva Shipping Polska informs seafarers about their rights and obligations under their employment agreements. Seafarers are given sufficient time before and after signing an agreement to become familiar with its conditions, and receive a copy of the signed agreement. An employment agreement is concluded between a seafarer and Arriva Shipping Polska, which acts as a crewing agent on behalf of a shipowner.

  9. Arriva Shipping Polska has in place a procedure for filing Complaints, which is in line with the MLC Convention 2006.

  10. Arriva Shipping Polska provides a seafarer and his/her family members with free-of-charge, prompt and reliable information.

  11. Arriva Shipping Polska ensures a 24-hour emergency telephone contact +48 728 811 330 to employed seafarers and their family members.

  12. Arriva Shipping Polska cooperates only with shipowners and customers that meet the requirements of the MLC Convention 2006.

  13. Arriva Shipping Polska provides a seafarer with all the necessary information regarding voyage before it starts.

  14. Arriva Shipping Polska verifies a seafarer's references by contacting the person whose contact details have been provided by a seafarer.

  15. An employment agreement complies with the regulations in force, MLC requirements and an applicable collective bargaining agreement. Copies of the documents are available on ship board in the English language.

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