Recruitment procedure

The recruitment is based on the following general principles:

  1. ​Job ads are published on the Internet. All applicants are regarded as suitable, without preferences regarding a specific ship or shipowner. You can report your readiness below.

  2. During the selection of candidates, we look at the professional experience of an applicant and requirements for a specific post.

  3. The previous experience and references are verified.

  4. A job interview is conducted in the English language.

  5. Arriva Shipping Polska verifies documents such as: qualifications certificates, completed training courses, health certificates, seaman's book or passport. All documents of a sailing crew must be certified in accordance with the applicable STCW Convention and relevant requirements of the flag State.

  6. The next step is approval of an applicant by a shipowner.

  7. Signing an employment agreement and providing detailed information about embarking and voyage.


Based on our many years experience in work at sea, we do our best to ensure that every member of the crew employed by us has appropriate conditions to find fulfilment in his/her post. At the same time, we prioritise the issues of safety of life at sea and environmental protection.