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Recruitment procedure

The recruitment is based on the following general principles:

  1. ​Job ads are published on the Internet. All applicants are regarded as suitable, without preferences regarding a specific ship or shipowner. You can report your readiness below.

  2. During the selection of candidates, we look at the professional experience of an applicant and requirements for a specific post.

  3. The previous experience and references are verified.

  4. A job interview is conducted in the English language.

  5. Arriva Shipping Polska verifies documents such as: qualifications certificates, completed training courses, health certificates, seaman's book or passport. All documents of a sailing crew must be certified in accordance with the applicable STCW Convention and relevant requirements of the flag State.

  6. The next step is approval of an applicant by a shipowner.

  7. Signing an employment agreement and providing detailed information about embarking and voyage.


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